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Our Universal Flag: Through Triple Stage Darkness

Our Universal Flag
Through Triple Stage Darkness
By Allah Universal Lord Life Justice Shabazz

The Universal Flag of Allah's Five Percent symbol is science. The science is about family; which reflects the Creator's diversity. The symbol is made of a #7, Sun, Moon and Star. This symbolizes man, woman, and child from the cosmic point of view. This is not religion of Islam but the science of Allah; there is no belief in this explanation. As we look into the cosmos, we see the Sun.  This Sun is a remnant of a Great Sun which created all matter which exists within our universe today.

Most religions subscribe to an morphological view in which the Creator is anthropomorphized: almost that man made Allah in "his" image and likeness, instead of the other way around. It takes a lot of atomic, cosmic and planetary construction  to coming around to creating man in the image. First you need a place for the event to occur. Next things have to change from a concept to an actual act or manifestation. That requires that the energy/matter that was undifferentiated become differentiated -not all over just in the area that was circumscribed for it. So the first sphere or bubble made in the vast undifferentiated energy matter was to distinguish the objective realm from the subjective realm. Its easy to know which is which: The objective realm is the place where all the objects will become. The subjective realm is the realm where the subject of our story will create a universe in the image of the one who created it. So the bubble is like the egg and the universe or objective realm is the first image that reflects Allah. The Great Sun is the "baby in the bubble" so to speak. The "baby"  is not man but electromagnetic atomic energy of the Sun. Religions like to use the word "spirit" but we refer to it as the first organization of atomic, electric, magnetic forces. Science not religion (although the ancients incorporated both).

Another way of looking at the birth of the Sun in triple stage darkness is that in the Sun is the birth and origin of all energy and all matter. How would you expect an infinite entity to manifest itself? Answer: Through an infinitude of forms originating from one source and maintaining a sense of cohesiveness or belonging (like a baby to its mother or a toddler to its nuclear family). There are three states of matter; gas, liquid and solids. When an implosion then explosion gave birth to the Great Sun, the flames transmuted the gases into molten liquids -which kept mutating through radioactivity. Through its enormous size and its spinning, portions of the Great Sun were flung into space. Some of the balls of this molten transmuting substance remained inflamed, while others cooled on their surface. Thus the birth of stars, solar systems, and planets came into being from one Great Sun. This was the first vehicle for Allah's willed consciousness and represents the foundation and all knowledge. Here reflected, is the Sun representing the quality of the creator; the point of origin of ALL things within the universe, as the creator formed the universe in a portion of itself. That is what the Sun represents on our flag symbol.

In the Bible, in the book of Genesis, human is formed three times. Just like the Great Sun, Allah willed man into being; first as a concept (consciousness), then the energies (of the undifferentiated energy/matter inside the bubble) marshaled in accordance to Allah's will (the soul), finally the matter being summoned, followed suit by reflecting the organization of its etheric double (flesh). Adam and Eve, in the story called Genesis, came into existence as A SINGLE ENTITY, FIRST. Read closely. Adam was lonely, and as Allah uses creation to reflect on Allah's said qualities, Allah distinguished woman in contradistinction to man; endowing her as the vessel to bear the fruit. This is the meaning of the Moon. In this act, Allah distinguished woman's soul from "he" and created "her" from "he" (H=8 in the Supreme Alphabet), but at first it was WE. Marriage now symbolizes compatibility, congruency and reestablishes the union when the TWO ARE MADE AS ONE. This is something all but forsaken in Western society with its independence and rugged individualism.

The Moon reflects the light of the Sun and the woman's menstrual cycle is tied to the Moon.  In Khamit [Khemet/Egypt], the Moon (and in our culture) symbolizes wisdom.  As such, she represents the RE-PRODUCTIVE FACTOR and all consideration through reflection; which is wisdom. Wisdom is to see the inner relationships between all things and respond appropriately. Wisdom is the way that reflects what one knows. This implies "to know better, you should do better" -if you are indeed wise. The Sun is the symbol of knowledge and the Blackman, the Moon is the symbol of wisdom and the Blackwoman and the understanding is the Star or child.  Family. Unity. Unified. One aim. One destiny. Knowledge is the foundation, wisdom is the way, understanding shows you when you are on your way. This is our life. The emphasis here is that everything came from the ONE and that Allah is experiencing Allah's qualities through a particular vessel and all vessels as well. When Allah wanted to start the process, Allah created the Atom. Allah experienced the atomic WORLD, then Allah started organizing the states of matter by experimenting with gases and then bang! The Great Sun was formed. Then Allah experimented with radioactivity and transmuting of gases into liquids and solids. Thus, the elemental and mineral kingdom was manifested as a result. Allah experienced that world and decided to make the elemental world; the basis of the mineral kingdom, the vegetable, animal and human kingdoms. Most creatures are formed in a semi-solid, liquid state, incorporating liquids, solids and gases. But here we are only speaking of gases and the manifestation of the Great Sun, other life forms were not made manifest yet.

The Spark

When the Great Sun spun on its own axis, portions of its molten substance were flung into space. Whether they remained hot (Stars) or not (Planets), their molten  core is a reminder of where they came from and their contribution is not only for the planet itself, but also the solar system. Those portions which turned totally cold became asteroids and meteorites. When we study the human body we see the same phenomenon at work. Billions of cells each functioning in their area of specialty; yet existing only for the sake of the entire organism. An organ, such as a heart or lung, as vital as it is for the life of a human, cannot maintain its own life outside of the body! Even though many of these organs send chemical signals to each other to coordinate function -which suggests some degree of consciousness or awareness of itself and its needs-, their culture never suggests a self centered function, unless it is malaise. It's ironic that we never view our body as an amalgamated collection, just as one being, yet when we think family we think of the components and not the fact that we are one. All is one. ALLah is one. Our consciousness came from one consciousness, our bodies came from one undifferentiated energy/matter yet most cannot see the fact that we were never really separated -unless you can say that bubbles are not composed of the substance they are spawned out of. . .

The above symbol is what we call our Universal  Flag. It symbolizes the corresponding elements between Sun, Moon and Star; Man, Woman and Child; Knowledge, Wisdom and Understanding with Allah being the Grand Architect and custodian of them all. The family is a reflection of Allah with the Blackman being the custodian. The Five Percenters [AKA: Nation of Gods and Earths] are a reflection of Allah with an aware Blackman being its custodian. God/Man is expected to unhold and maintain the standard. The aware Blackman is to keep the code, lessons and principles as well as speak and live by Mathematics. The Blackman is to become the personification of knowledge and Allah, in time, through focus, growth and development. The Blackwoman seeing that he is just and true, reflects this understanding of the knowledge and truth he personifies into the family structure; like the Earth receives the light of the Sun to give birth to the crops, fruit or understanding. Now the Sun has eight points and the star has five. That is not to point out the difference between Father and Son or Knowledge and Understanding. This shows growth through refinement.  We know and understand that we can see a Star off in the distance, and by the time we get to that star, we find out it has a solar system of its own. In this scenario, in order for this Star to make itself known, that light had to travel a great distance. While light may travel 186,000 miles per second, the distance from Star to Star, or light giving planetary source to the next light giving source, is measured in light year increments moving at the speed of light. To us, as I-God scientists, the distance symbolizes growth and experience. A five pointed Star symbolizes Allah experiencing life in human form through the five appendages: Arm-Leg-Leg-Arm-Head, refining power as the experience shows the righteous way. This is done by understanding Allah's wisdom or being wise in Allah's understanding. The science that accompanies our eight pointed Sun is our eight point curriculum of Supreme Mathematics, Supreme Alphabets, Student Enrollment, Lost/Found Lesson Number One, English C Lesson One, Lost/Found Lesson Two, Actual Facts and Solar Facts. Each point consists of a black side and a gold side. This symbolizes the dominant and recessive aspects of our genetics; the so-called "black germ" and the "brown germ" used in hybrid breeding and other forms of birth control. Each point is at a 45 degree angle from each other. This symbolizes our full realization into our true identity, wholly separate from the one superimposed upon us by Western society (8 x 45=360).  Each point is also 15 degrees wide. This symbolizes our 120 lessons (8 x 15) which allowed us to understand the significance of our journey as a people, and to awaken us to our self realization.

The #7 is in the center to remind the Blackman that he is God and all this centers around him remaining true to the culture of I-God. Allah is All and all is one. The Blackman is the custodian of this sacred phenomenon: lead the family; resurrect our nation. God is Allah experienced through the body of the Blackman; yet it is a group reality upheld and experienced through the eyes of one. Each one teach one; I am because we are.
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