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Minority Report

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Minority Report

Four years ago on March 22nd, 2012 I wrote an article  addressing the specific role of people who are classified as white, within our Nation. You can read that article here: Caucasian Five Percenters. Almost eight years ago on September 8th, 2008 I also shared a video dealing with the same subject matter. You can watch that video here: Do Gods and Earths teach Caucasians? I'm referencing them for those of you who never saw them and for those of you who would like to look at them again. It's important, especially nowadays, seeing that this subject has come up again. Due to recent events among the Five Percent I think it's necessary to elaborate on this again, yet from a different perspective. Today I will elaborate more on our specific posture, as original people, when it comes to Caucasians who want to learn our culture.

As Five Percenters we see ourselves as civilized people and as civilized people we are not required to teach/give somebody our cultural curriculum; Supreme Mathematics, the Supreme Alphabet or 120 lessons. According to our lessons, civilize means to teach knowledge and wisdom of all the human families of the planet earth. Our lessons also confirm that civilization is one having knowledge, wisdom, understanding, culture, refinement and is not a savage in the pursuit of happiness. We further learn that the duty of a civilized person is to teach he [of her] who is savage civilization, righteousness, the knowledge of himself, the science of everything in life, love, peace and happiness. None of these lessons say or even imply that we must give somebody Supreme Mathematics, the Supreme Alphabet or 120 lessons. In my early years of having KOS [Knowledge Of Self] I didn't understand this and anyone who seemed halfway interested in my culture I would start formally teaching them Supreme Mathematics, the Supreme Alphabet or 120 lessons. The result of that was people sifting through all of the time and teachings I shared with them to simply preserve what they considered to be the best part for themselves. All of them learned Supreme Mathematics, the Supreme Alphabet or 120 lessons to some degree. When it came down to application, some only went as far as no longer eating pork meat. Others legally changed their name and/or gave their children righteous names. Some literally moved to Jerusalem to live off of the grid and many others became successful leaders in their respective industries and credit it to what they learned through me. If I would have been wise enough to properly assess what resonated with them the most upfront, I could have saved time and resources by simply teaching them that. Nowadays I'm not so quick to just formally give somebody Supreme Mathematics, the Supreme Alphabet or 120 lessons. I know that if more of us took that responsible approach today we wouldn't see the degree of inconsistency, insincerity, disloyalty, inactivity and outright ignorance in our nation.

In the past I've noted that people reached out to me to from around the world in order to learn more about my culture and many of them were Caucasian. That was 4 years ago and even more people reach out to me now. From what I've seen among some of the Five Percent is they haven't been taught how to handle this situation when they want to learn. Some simply say we teach all the human families of the planet earth, use Azreal as a template, and give them everything. Others say we cannot reform the devil and wouldn't touch a white person with a ten foot pole. Neither usually offers practical procedures or a basic "how to" handle it when the situation arises. Oftentimes you hear name calling and rhetorical jargon to cosign what someone personally wants to do.

Musa's hard time

Let me again reiterate that we are civilized people. As a civilized person, the most just position we can take in regards to anybody learning, including Caucasians, is that everyone has the opportunity to be civilized. Whether they'll do what is necessary to be civilized and advocate civilization, that is entirely up to them, not us. If they don't follow through we cannot be in a position to be blamed for it. That would be wrong and according to our lessons we are all wise, righteous, just and true. If they don't follow through it must be because they denied themselves, not because we denied them by saying they ain't got what it takes, they're weak or etc. To say what somebody will/won't be able to do puts us in a position to possibly be proven wrong -and some people live to prove others wrong, right? Right. If we consider ourselves just or a standard of justice, this also puts our sense of justice in a position to possibly be proven flawed. It's like a plumber talking about how perfect their work was in stopping a leak, but then water finds a way to seep through. What does that say about their work and the materials they used to complete it? The wisest posture we can have towards anyone is that they have a chance to clean themselves up. Again, this chance doesn't mean we're required to teach/give somebody Supreme Mathematics, the Supreme Alphabet or 120 lessons. This means that we must be a source of knowledge, wisdom, understanding, culture, refinement and not a savage in the pursuit of happiness. By saying "everyone has a chance", we cannot be blamed for any of their shortcomings. If we were to say "you have no chance" and a person some how pulls off the impossible, we look like an ass and our standard of judgement does too. 

Our 9th degree in the 1-14's is specifically there to represent this chance. It highlights a blameless posture and reiterates that our sense of justice is flawless. This is why is proceeds the 10th degree which declares a person is 100% incorrigible. You cannot proclaim somebody 100% weak, wicked and lawless without first giving them a chance to have access to the law. Then and only then can we say they didn't obey. That is justice and in the 9th degree that justice is symbolic to a sword. One of the things I often share with other Five Percenters is this: the same sword we may hold over someone's head in order to correct them is actually in our hand. Therefore we must hold ourselves to a much higher standard of righteousness and civilization than what we expect from others; it's literally in our hands. Again, I am not talking about giving somebody Supreme Mathematics, the Supreme Alphabet or 120 lessons. I'm talking about the proper attitude and posture of a civilized person and how we need to treat anybody.

Let's get into some other things that I want to clarify about Caucasians striving to learn our culture. One of the issues that come up is their names. First and foremost, original people within our nation choose righteous names because most of our original names, language, customs and traditions were taken from us via the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade and Colonialism. This arrested our cultural development and disconnected us from our identity and ancestral legacy. This didn't happen to Caucasians. Because many of our people do not know the original language or names our ancestors used we choose righteous names to reconnect with the principles and values that denotes our true identity as the Fathers and Mothers of civilization. It's not necessary for a Caucasian woman who is of Irish descent to change her name from Aileen Murphy; that's Irish and a part of her uninterrupted ancestry. It's also not necessary for a Caucasian man of Italian descent to call himself anything other than his Italian birth name Alessio Dinapoli; his family is from Naples. Even when the scenario is a Caucasian person who considers themselves American, yet they're primarily a hodgepodge of European ancestry; their birth name is still going to represent part of that uninterrupted German, French, Dutch or etc. lineage. It's their job to bring honor to their birth name and be a righteous example to their family, community and people as a whole. Now some would argue that the Father gave Azreal a righteous name and that is not true. Azreal is not one of our names. Let me also share this, whenever a Five Percenter meets another Five Percenter there are 3 primary questions that's asked: 1.) What's your name? 2.) What degrees [lessons] are you dealing with and how long have you had KOS [Knowledge Of Self]? and 3.) Who is your educator? In regards to names, it's not uncommon to meet someone with one that isn't right and exact or a name they cannot show and prove. When this occurs the person is corrected and told to choose something different. Examples of this is a dude with the name Equality, a 50/50 dude in prison claiming he's half Blood and half Five Percent with the name Murder Allah or a Caucasian woman with Divine in her name. Whenever a person is addressed about this, especially by our elders, and they still refuse to make the necessary changes, that bold defiance is viewed as a sign of disrespect, contempt and the unwillingness to adhere to our cultural standards. Back in the day people got their ass whopped for that. Nowadays people usually get bombed [chastised] and banned from attending any local, regional and national events because they're not listening or striving to learn anyway.

In regards to regalia, original women, who represent the Earth within our nation, cover 3/4th's of their body and customarily wear head wraps [crowns]. As the Earth is covered 3/4th's under water, 139,685,000 square miles of water and 57,255,000 square miles of land, our women dress modestly. Also, in many tropical/equatorial countries the head wrap was used to protect our woman's head from the sun rays. We consider all of this her refinement because that style of dress reflects the cultural elegance, sophistication, grace and status of a Queen. Caucasian women who are striving to learn about our culture should also dress modesty, yet not as our Queens or the Earth because she's not them. The same can be said about Caucasian men; they shouldn't be wearing our crowns, especially with "Allah" on it, because they are not the true and living God. Anyone on the outside looking in should not be confused about what they're looking at and never mistake a Caucasian for a God or Earth. 

In closing, keep in mind that Five Percenters are not a Rainbow Coalition nor are we Black Militants. We are critical thinkers and have an allegiance to the truth, regardless where it comes from. Those of us who are educators, who know our cultural curriculum, "informally" teach that truth to anyone yet choose who we want to "formally" teach. Informal education is like general civilization; people learn just simply observing or being in proximity to us. Formal education is like training units; people directly learn more specifically about our culture and how we live. Whether it's general civilization or training units that still does not require us to give somebody Supreme Mathematics, the Supreme Alphabet or 120 lessons. Training can be any form of basic instruction, guidance or exercises we use to inspire, empower and educate people to be more civilized. Our cultural curriculum is sacred and should never be handed out to people like welfare cheese or we're on the block hittin' licks. I encourage those of you who are coming in contact with Caucasians who are interested in learning to refer to my article Caucasian Five Percenters. It gives you further insight on how to approach that situation and what to expect from Caucasians. You're not obligated to give them Supreme Mathematics, the Supreme Alphabet or 120 lessons but you are obligated to treat them civilized and share with them any general civilization and/or training units they can use to help clean themselves up to be a better resource within their home, community, among their own people, to original people and to the planet earth. Their men and women cannot be Gods or Earths because God and the Earth was already here and accounted for before they got here. They're not Kings or Queens 'within' our nation because that is not their birth right, role or title here. As the Fathers and Mothers of civilization we were the rulers and established this righteous monarchy before they got here. When it comes to their own household and community it's important that they govern those domains with righteous authority and be royal standards among their own people. The bottom line is Caucasians who come among us can learn to do like us yet cannot be us. 

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